1. Diálogo entre pasajeros y revisor de tren

James y su familia viajan a Londres en tren. Hablan con el revisor mientras les revisa los billetes.

Ticket inspector: Good morning passengers. Please get your tickets ready for inspection.

James: Hello! Here are our tickets. That’s two adults and two children.

Ticket inspector: Thank you, sir. So, that’s four return tickets to London. Family trip is it?

James: Yes! We’re off to see Granny and Grandad in Islington.

Officer: Lovely! Are you excited, children?

Emma: Yeah!

Voice over the speaker: This is a customer announcement. We are sorry to announce that this service will be delayed by approximately 25 minutes. This is due to signal failure at Clapham Junction. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

James: Oh no!

Ticket inspector: I’m very sorry about the delay. There’s a buffet service in carriage number 4 if you want to buy some refreshments while you wait.

James: OK. Thank you.

Officer: Here are your tickets. Have a good day in London.

James: Thank you! 

2. Diálogo en un restaurante

Liz va a cenar en un restaurante en Brighton.

Liz: Good evening. I made a reservation for one under the name Liz Collins.

Waiter: Good evening. Yes, we have your table over here. This way, please, Madam.

Liz: This is such a lovely restaurant. How long has it been in the family?

Waiter: I’m the fifth generation to work in the restaurant. 

Liz: Wow, that is a long time.

Waiter: Let me take your coat.

Liz: Yes, thank you. Here are my gloves and my hat too. It’s been raining.

Waiter: Can I get you started with a drink?

Liz: Yes, I’ll have a white wine, please.

Waiter: Dry?

Liz: Yes, please. 

Waiter: And for your starter? 

Liz: I’ll have the green salad as a starter and the battered fish as a main. Does that come with chips?

Waiter: Yes, chips and mushy peas. We’re known in Brighton for having the best fish and chips in the country.

Liz: I can’t wait to try it. Could you bring a bottle of sparkling water too?

Waiter: Of course, coming right up.

Liz: Thank you.

3. Diálogo entre dos estudiantes de universidad

José y Emily hablan de sus experiencias universitarias en el extranjero.

José: Hello! I’m José, I’m from Barcelona.

Emily: Hi José, it’s lovely to meet you. My name’s Emily.

José: Are you from Manchester?

Emily: Yes. I was born here and I’ve lived here all my life. What are you studying?

José: I’m studying English Literature. What about you?

Emily: I’m in the Nursing School. I’ve just come back from a year abroad in Málaga.

José: That’s amazing! My dad’s from Málaga. Did you like living and studying there?

Emily: The weather was great every single day and the people were so friendly. What do you think of Manchester?

José: I like it! It feels like a city designed for students. There’s so much to see and do. I love walking along the river and exploring the art galleries.

Emily: You should check out China Town while you are here! The food is delicious and it is very interesting.

José: Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll see you around! Goodbye!

Emily: Bye Bye.

4. Diálogo de una visita médica

Charlotte pide visita con el doctor por teléfono.

Charlotte: Hello.

Receptionist: Good morning, Hampstead Medical Centre. What can I do for you today?

Charlotte: Hi, good morning I’m calling because I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Patel for next Wednesday. 

Receptionist: Can I get your name, surname, and address, please?

Charlotte: That’s Charlotte Williams, and the address is 10 Gayton Road, Hampstead.

Receptionist: Perfect. What is the nature of the appointment?

Charlotte: I think I have a chest infection.

Receptionist: Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. What symptoms do you have?

Charlotte: I have a bad cough, breathlessness, and a high temperature. I am meant to be going to a wedding in two weeks and I want to get better.

Receptionist: I am putting you down for an appointment with Dr. Patel next Wednesday. 11:30 am. Does that work for you?

Charlotte: Yes that would be perfect. Do I need to bring anything?

Receptionist: Please bring your ID and your national health number if you have one. 

Charlotte: Thank you so much. See you next Wednesday.

Receptionist: Thank you, Ms. Williams. Have a good day.

5. Diálogo de una primera cita

Preeti y Dev van a una primera cita en un bar de Jazz en Edimburgo.

Dev: Hi! Are you Preeti?

Preeti: Yes! That’s me! How are you?

Dev: You look great. I like your necklace.

Preeti: Thank you! It was a Christmas present.

Dev: Well, it’s wonderful to finally meet you.

Preeti: I know, I’ve heard so much about you from my friends. What’s the plan for tonight?

Dev: I wanted to take you to a Jazz Bar on Chambers Street.

Preeti: That sounds great.

Later on…

Dev: Can I get you a drink?

Preeti: Yes! I’d love a Virgin Cosmopolitan.

Dev: Coming right up!

Preeti: I love jazz and the band is really good. What type of music do you listen to?

Dev: I listen to a bit of everything. But I really like classical music. In fact, a friend of mine is touring and will be playing a Bach concerto this weekend. Would you like to come along?

Preeti: Oh no! That's such a shame. I am going to a birthday party this weekend. But are you free on Tuesday? I’d love to take you for a coffee to say thank you for this wonderful date. 

Dev: Does that mean we have a second date?

Preeti: Maybe.