How To Survive the Apocalypse: Fallout Shelters for Sale

Una guerra nuclear, pandemias, ataques terroristas, huracanes o hasta un holocausto zombi son algunos de los posibles cataclismos que podrían acontecer. Para quien desee prepararse, una empresa de Texas comercializa refugios subterráneos de todo tipo.

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Your country is under nuclear attack! What do you do? If you’re one of the few wealthy people that have a fallout shelter in your backyard, you simply take refuge with your family, confident that you can live there for six months, a year, or even longer. But what if you don’t have a shelter? Where can you get one?

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One company that specialises in building these safe havens is Atlas Survival Shelters.  Founded in the 1950s during the Cold War, it constructs survival shelters that people can buy and install on their property. The company sells the only shelter that has been tested against – and survived – the effects of a nuclear bomb. This particular product can be installed more than forty inches under the surface of the earth and accommodate up to fifteen people. It comes at a price of over $200.000. 


Fortunately, more economic options are available. The company’s most recent and cheapest shelter is the BombNado. It comes in five sizes, the biggest of which is eight by twenty feet and can accommodate up to eight beds. The BombNado can protect people in the event of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, terrorist attacks and nuclear fallout. Prices start at just $18,999 – installation not included. And the company offers 100 per cent financing.

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