Oliver: I’m looking forward to games night! It will be nice to catch up with the gang.

Sophie: Yes! But can we do something else? I always lose at poker and I’m broke.

Oliver: Sure, what did you have in mind?

Sophie: I don’t know. What about an old-fashioned board game?

Oliver: What, like Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly?

Sophie: Exactly! Or something even more traditional, like chess or checkers.

Oliver: Oh, I haven’t played those for years. Do you think the others would be up for it?

Sophie: For sure! But I’m not sure if everyone knows how to play.

Oliver: Also, they’re one-on-one. It might be best to stick to a game we can all play together.

Sophie: Yes, that makes sense.

Oliver: It doesn’t need to be a board game, either. We could play charades!

Sophie: Nooooo, that’s so lame!

Oliver: Okay, okay, I’ll get the games out, then we can choose one on the night.


To catch up with someone means to meet someone to find out what is happening in their life.

The gang is a colloquial term for a group of friends.

To have something in mind means to think of something in particular.

Board games are games with pieces that are moved around a board.

Checkers is a two-player game where each player has twelve black or white pieces that are moved around the squares of a board. In the UK, it is known as ‘draughts’.

To be up for something means to be willing to do it.

An activity that is one-on-oneinvolves two people.

When you continue to do something, you stick to it.

Something that makes sense is logical and easy to understand.

Charades is a guessing game played at parties, where contestants use gestures to describe things.

In this colloquial context, lame means uninspiring and dull.