Everyday Dialogue: English Immersion

Una guía de conversación rápida con frases y vocabulario cotidianos. Este mes, una diálogo entre dos amigos sobre su viaje para aprender inglés.

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A: I’m thinking of doing one of those English immersion stays.

B: Oh, really? Whereabouts?

A: I’m not sure. Maybe Oxford or Dublin

B: But why? You hardly need it; your English is really good.

A: Yes, but I could be more fluent in conversation.

B: Are you still thinking of working abroad?

A: I am and I need to speak like a native if I want to stand a chance.

B: Well, I’ve heard those immersion stays really work, but they’re
pretty costly!

A: But it’s worth it, if I get the job I want. Plus, I get a holiday out of it!

B: In that case, go for it!

A: OK, I will! I’ll call the agency now to check out the options.


Whereabouts? is another way of asking ‘Where?’.

Hardly means ‘almost not’ or ‘not much’.

When you are fluent in a language, you speak effortlessly and articulately.

‘Abroad’ is in a foreign country.

You ‘stand a chance’ when there is a possibility of succeeding.

‘Costly’ is a synonym for ‘expensive’.

In this context, to ‘get a holiday out of it’ refers to obtaining something desirable from an experience that is not necessarily fun.

‘It’s worth it’ means it is valuable despite the effort.

‘Go for it’ indicates approval for a planned effort to achieve something.

‘To check something out’ means to review or to investigate it.


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